Meditation Trip to Osho Tapoban - 1 Day


Meditation trip to Osho Tapoban is a famous retreat center, 10 km far from Kathmandu city center and it takes 20 minutes to be there. This meditation center is on the way to Trishuli highway, at the lap of Nagarjuna forest. This is the famous point of attraction to Osho lovers, bird spectators, meditators, and nature wooers. Osho Tapoban has several activities throughout the year varying from Daily Meditations to Weekly Satsangs from 7 days Meditation Camp to 21 days Intensive Transformation Meditation Retreat which are too beneficial.



Osho Tapoban is a global commune and forest retreat center. Rested in the lush green Nagarjuna forest, the commune offers various courses on yoga, meditation, psychotherapies, and alternative healing as composed by Osho. The community embraces more than eight hundred visitors from ninety distinct countries every year and presents an opportunity for a new way of living – with more awareness, sensitivity, recreation, celebration, and creativity. Many options for self-exploration are pleasant throughout the year in the form of meditation camps and therapeutics.

Daily meditation has 6 sessions of meditations and one hour of healthy yoga every day. Weekend Meditation Camp commences from every Friday morning and ends on Sunday morning. Saturday Satsong this is the technique revealed by Osho, Rajanish. He was born in India. He has called himself a pure existentialist. 

The main attraction of Osho Tapoban is Rajanish Dyan Mandir, Osho Samadhi, Sculpture Garden, Flora and Fauna, Dev Tirtha Book Center, and Shivapuri Baba quiet temple.

Rajanish Dyan Mandir positioned at the heart of Osho Tapoban is a splendidly designed meditation hall (Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir). This hall welcomes up to 200 people for daily meditation and 500 people for lectures. It is built in Pagoda style and matches the shape of a shiv linga. Daily meditation liveliness is administered in this meditation hall.

At the divine place where the Buddhist saint Nagarjuna attained his last Enlightenment 2000 years ago, Osho lovers have designed a stunning Osho Samadhi with granite and white marble. Surrounded by spring water, where the divine remains of Osho are buried, it is a category of art construction that can be discovered in Nepal and is a metaphorical representation of eternity.

An elegant sculpture garden has been exhibited at Tapoban consisting of many worthy beautiful statues like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Lord Ganesh, Ardhanarishwor, Lord Shiva, etc. These carvings are an artist’s idea of the respective deities.

Osho Tapoban has a diversity of flowers, native trees, and astounding wildlife. Hardly, wild animals such as deer, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, and Bears are detected among the thick green forest. Osho Tapoban is growing popular among bird spectators and nature lovers. People arrive there to savor the beauty of nature. Elegant waterfalls within the commune create a peaceful and calm meditative atmosphere.

Trip Highlights:

  • Observe the beautiful greenery of Osho Tapoban.
  • Sightseeing alluring and spectacular Rajanish Dyan Mandir, Osho Samadhi, Sculpture Garden.
  • Astonishing sculptures of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Lord Ganesh, Ardhanarishwor, Lord Shiva, etc.
  • Daily Meditation and Soul cleansing healing techniques.
  • Lush forests and bird watching which helps to promote Forest Therapy.
  • Witness vivid Dev Tirtha Book Center, and Shivapuri Baba silence temple.
  • Lovely and supporting time routine to amplify your health.
  • Wilderness of different flora and fauna in the garden.
  • Feel the history and discover legends in Osho Samadhi.
  • Escape from the so-called modern crowdie places for a while.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.
  • And also witness the local way of living.


Day 1
Drive to Osho Tapoban 25 minute.-Full Day Meditation course- Back to Hotel


There are a series of activities that you’ll follow to make your trek more fascinating and full of memories. Cherish every moment that you will spend in the stunning vicinity of Osho Tapoban. Explore the beautiful forest of Nagarjuna if you can encompass it in a day. Here are some of the activities that well do to make this trek a grand success.

After some time of quailing wait, our representative will pick you up in our private van. A very delicious breakfast will be there to tempt you Osho Tapoban afterward. Hop into your ride early in 6o clock and head towards the Trisuli Highway. After an hour’s ride, we’ll reach to Osho Tapoban.

Then after some quailing ride, you’ll reach Osho Tapoban which is situated in the lap of the forest. You’ll head towards the main office and book your place for this ancient healing. Then you’ll be practicing the daily meditation outlet created by Osho Himself. It consists of six sessions of meditation and one hour of yoga.

Since it’ll be 7 am you’ll be doing Dynamic Meditation up to 8 am. This meditation will make you feel refreshed and self-loved. After 15 minutes break, Yoga, Pranayama, and Silence Sitting will begin. Unlock your insecurities and let it flow away from you.

Then after the silent sitting breakfast will be calling you. Eat and relax and rest your heart in tranquility. After breakfast is over at 10:30 am, the third session of meditation will begin. Breathe in and breathe out a feel the calmness surrounding you and your vicinity.

When the third sessions are over its time for lunch and Nadhbramha Meditation will happen to ease your soul up to 4:30 pm. After the 4th meditation session, there’s an Afternoon Tea for half an hour. Then when the tea breaks are over another session will startup.

Another session is also called Kundalini Meditation which will help you ease the external stresses and trauma given by the so-called modern world for an hour. This session will last from 5 pm to 6 pm. When the session’s over the shower and cleanses your physical body. The dinner will be served in Osho Tapoban itself to serve pure meals.

After a good shower and delicious dinner, it’s time for Evening Satsang Program also called White Robe Meditation. You can buy it from the office of Osho Tapoban if you don’t have any. The Satsang Program will last up to 9 pm.

Hop into our vehicle. Enjoy the ride from the productive afternoon to heal yourself. Enjoy the day. You can freshen yourself up and enjoy exploring the lovely city.

P.S: if you prefer to be in Osho Tapoban for a night in Dharmasala it’s totally up to you.

Cost Included

  • Pick up from Hotel and Drop to Hotel
  • Meditation and Osho Tapoban Courses
  • Full-Day meditational activities by professionals
  • Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner by Meditation center

Cost Excluded

  • Additional activities
  • Souvenier and goods from the shop
  • Overnight stay at Meditation center
  • Donation and tip
What We Need?


Here are some necessary apparatus that can be required for accomplishing your trip effortlessly. They are shortlisted below.

Accessories and Technical items
Credit cards/ATM cards
Personal and Clothing items
Thin T-shirts, long trouser
Sanitizers and alcohol wipes

P.S: You’ve full control of your trip. This is just the outline day package you can customize according to your needs and desires.

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  • 3 meals a day
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