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Set in a vast valley after draining a large lake some eons ago, legends abound in this exceptional city and every road has a shrine or two. Kathmandu is an astonishingly diverse, well-known city with amazing architecture, exquisite wood carvings, and metal craft that showcase the talents of the Newar artisans of centuries ago. Araniko is an example who introduced a world-famous pagoda style. Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed in Kathmandu valley from ancient times and the valley inhabitants make a little contrast as they worship in both Hindu and Buddhist shrines.

Kathmandu is a city where antiquated traditions are zealously guarded while at the same time embracing modernism. The importance of the past enchants the visitor whose gaze may crawl on an exquisitely sculpted wooden window frame, an 18th-century bronze sculpture, or a spiritually peaceful stupa. Kathmandu, the most populous city of Nepal, is the federal as well as the artistic capital of the country, where Nepalis have arrived from all corners of the country and acclimatized.



Kathmandu is the gateway to tourism in Nepal. It is also the heart of the country’s economy. It has the most exceptional infrastructure of any metropolitan area in Nepal. The city’s most popular tourist areas are  Thamel and Jhochhen, famously known as Freak Street. Kathmandu is a tourist Eden here the life commences late but extends till late night with casinos and the bars open. The temples are magnificent and serene. One has a wonderful chance to see and travel the rich culture and tradition of Nepal, captivating heritage attractions, durbars, breathtaking majestic snow-capped mountains, pure beauty of nature, astonishing art and crafts, UNESCO World Heritage site and many other breathtaking places of your interest.

Kathmandu is beautiful beside its tourism destination, it is also home to some of the exotic wildlife park-like Shivapuri National park, etc. This enchanting country’s capital is must visit once in a lifetime as Nepal is globally praised for its not only spectacular beauty, heritage fascinations, alluring adventure tourism, Leisure fiesta, temple tour, trekking on hills and mountain, expedition, educational tour, conference but also for its welcoming environment, always greeting and happy faces & world-class luxurious facilities and warm generosity of the people.

Kathmandu or Kantipur, Patan, or Lalitpur and Bhadgaon or Bhaktapur are all nearby and worth visiting. Every place has its own Durbar Square or the ancient palace with its temples and manors. This describes the religious and cultural life of the ancient people. Practically all this destination is a spacious art gallery with numerous sacred shrines distributed throughout.

The Kathmandu valley day tour is proper for those visitors who have come to Kathmandu for a weekend or few days of business purposes. Also, a day tour could be uniformly handy for those travelers who are already in Kathmandu having 1 or 2 spare day’s pre preferentially post-tour of their main holiday.

If you’re a travel connoisseur whose heart leaps for the astounding view of night city, lovely calm places, and wants to witness the ancient culturally rich relics then this place must be your go-to place.

Trip Highlights:

  • Experiencing the accommodation of a five- star hotel.
  • Astonishing morning life of sublime Kathmandu.
  • A sunrise trip to the alluring Nagarkot Hill and Changunarayan Temple which is enlisted by UNESCO in The World Heritage Site.
  • Observe the culturally majestic Swaymbhunath Stupa and Baudhanath Stupa which is enlisted in the World Heritage site.
  • Witness the antique durbars (palaces) like Kathmandu Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square which is also enlisted in UNESCO’s the World Heritage Site.
  • Witness the culturally important and famous Hindu Shirine in entire world, Pashupatinath Temple (Monkey Temple) which is also enlisted in The World Heritage Site.
  • Delicious breakfast treat in the luxury taste of five star hotel.
  • Enjoy the night life in Club, Bars if you want in Thamel.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.
  • And also witness the local way of living.
  • Witness the great hospitality of our agency and also promote the local economy.


Day 1
Drive for Kathmandu Day Tours ( Heritage Site) Back to Hotel


There are a series of activities that you’ll follow in order to make your trek more fascinating and full of memories. Cherish every moment that you will spend in the vast vicinity of Kathmandu terrain. Explore the exquisite places. Here are some of the activities that well do in order to make this trek a grand success. After you board off from your international flight you’ll be transferred to famous five-star hotels of Kathmandu like The Everest Hotel, The Raddison Hotel, and Hotel in Thamel, etc. according to your sophisticated choice.

Begin your Pre-Trek schedule by freshening up yourself in your five-star hotel of Kathmandu. After some time of quailing wait, our representative will pick you up in our private van. You’ll be picked up from your hotel a bit earlier so that you won’t miss the solid sunrise view from Nagarkot. Enjoy the lovely sunrise from Nagarkot and take a delicious buffet breakfast at Hotel Club Himalaya (5 stars) drive down to Changunarayan Temple, which is an ancient temple build by king Mandev of the Licchavi Period.

After that, you’ll be taken to Pashupatinath temple in our private vehicle. Sightsee this majestic temple which was made by ancient Malla King called Prachanda Dev. This temple is also called as “Monkey Temple” as it has a lot of Monkeys roaming around. The temples have a long story dating back to around 400 AD and unlike Hindu temples in India, they make application of the pagoda style of architecture that dawned from the Newar culture of Kathmandu Valley. The banks of the Bagmati are bordered by a series of funeral Ghats where daily cremation rituals take place. Walking through the temple complex you are likely to meet some of the old Sadhus (wise men). The Sadhus often grow their hair for years and abandon all of the modern-day luxuries in their quest for spiritual enlightenment.

Then, we’ll drive to alluring Baudhanath Stupa which has antique relics and artifacts regarding Buddhism. The ancient Stupa is one of the most important for Buddhists around the world and thousands of pilgrims gather to it yearly. It’s one of the biggest stupas in the world and colorfully adorned with Mani flags. The stupa is basically a large dome depicting the earth whose base is encircled by prayer wheels and on the top is a cubicle structure with representations of the eyes of Gautam Buddha which express the enlightened state of empathy and wisdom.

You can lunch here and have an amazing coffee as there are many shops and restaurants. They provide very excellent food. If you just want to have a snack then try out Khapsey or Laphing which are breathtakingly awesome.

After leaving Baudhanath Stupa behind, we’ll hop in our ride and drive to Swaymbhunath Stupa. It’ll take 45minutes drive from Baudha. After we reach Swyambhunath, walk-up the 365 steps to the stupa at the peak which is a major pilgrimage place for Buddhists. Enjoy the birds-eye views of alluring Kathmandu. The stairs are dwelling to many monkeys that are said to be sacred and are quite used to humans. Be assured to keep a secure distance as monkey bites are dangerous, but you can absolutely get some great pictures. It takes no longer than a few hours to enjoy the Monkey Temple.

After sightseeing Swyambhunath Stupa we’ll head towards a majestic place which used to be the mansion of Malla Kings of that time. Kathmandu Durbar Square is the most exciting place both architecturally and culturally. The square and palace areas highlight architectural details like the multi-tiered pagoda and the Newar window. The antiquity of the square records back to the 15th century when the square housed the royal mansions of the great Malla kings. At the time it was one of three separate free kingdoms in the Kathmandu valley beside Bhaktapur and Patan. Prithvi Narayan Shah, a Gorkha ruler fortunately combined all of the independent kingdoms of Nepal between 1740 and 1770 by conquering one after another.

The sightseeing of Kathmandu Durbar square will eventually lead to Patan Durbar Square an antique city made during the monarch regime in history. There is a history that says Patan Durbar Square was built by the Kirant dynasty in the third century B.C. The city is environed by temples, arts, monasteries. Patan or Lalitpur is encompassed by the four Stupas, one at each side of its head points. The durbar square has a glorious work of architecture. The antique floor of the square is tiled with red bricks. One of the important temples is Krishna Mandir (temple), which is ordered opposite the former palace. Krishna Mandir’s stone artifact design is one of the most exquisite things which excels that of its southerly counterparts. From the architectural point of belief, the temples throughout the square were built in Sikhar Style and are multi-storied.

After sightseeing The Patan Durbar square, your sightseeing is over. You’ll be dropped in your hotel as promised. After you reach your hotel you can still experience the nightlife of Thamel on your own. As long as you’re in the vicinity of Kathmandu make sure you enjoy it.

Cost Included

  • Transport by Luxury Tourist Car
  • Ann necessary permits and entrance fees
  • Trained City Guide
  • Perfect Driver who knows very well all the road and short/cuts.
  • Delicious Breakfast and Lunch during the trip

Cost Excluded

  • Any additional Activities
  • Personal gears
  • Beverages
  • Accommodation
  • Dinner and extra drinks
  • Donation and Tip for the Guide

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