Day Hike to Nagarjun Hill



Extended its graceful natural area near Kathmandu,  Nagarjun Hill also known as Jamacho,  which is the major attraction for so many people even who are local because it gives you a chance to sail away from the busyness and rowdiness of Kathmandu valley. The Nagarjun/Jamacho hike is one of the best selections which is settled at 2100 meters above from the sea level. Nagarjun/Jamacho day hike is one of the favorite short hikes in Nepal and is effortlessly accessible from Kathmandu Valley. It takes about a half-hour drive to enter the spot from where the hike inaugurates near the Balaju Bypass road.



As the hiking begins from near the Balaju bypass, also known as the Phulbari gate entry is possible after getting the entry ticket at the gate. The mesmerizing scenic view, bird watching, the view of smiley Himalayas can be encountered here and we can observe the whole Kathmandu Valley and savor it.

Jamacho viewpoint satisfies the stunning panorama of the big White Mountains as Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Jugal, and Langtang massif to the north and stunning busy whole Kathmandu valley to the foot. There existed a natural gas flame in Swayambhunath which has been covered by the dome of the main Stupa then the Lamas used to meditate on this Jamacho hill gazing at the flame because they thought the natural flame was the influence of the god.

Likewise, another interesting element is that you could observe the house of the royal family of Nepal. That house used to be their summer house but after the end of the monarchy, they have been living there. Moreover, a motorable road also leads to Jamacho Gumba but the trekking path is the best alternative for those who are nature wanderers.

For the nature lover travelers who are very enthusiastic in bird and wildlife watching, this could be the most suited selection in a short time limit. The hiking trail is about 5 km from the bottom to the top of the hill. It takes about 3-4 hours to reach the top according to your walking pace. After touring the Nagarjun hill and relishing the view, the hike declines back to the place where the hike had begun.

Trip Highlights:

  • View of the Himalayas like Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Jugal massifs, etc.
  • Witness the Royal Palace and vicinity surrounded by ex-monarchs
  • Astonishing Base view of the entire Kathmandu valley.
  • Jungle walk and bird watching which helps Forest Therapy.
  • Observe the relics and artifacts of Jamacho Monastery.
  • Escape from the so-called modern crowdie places for a while.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.


Day 1

There are a series of activities that you’ll follow in order to make your trek more fascinating and full of memories. Cherish every moment that you will spend in the vast vicinity of Nagarjun Hill. Explore the Shivapuri National Park. Here are some of the activities that well do in order to make this trek a grand success.

:- Begin your Trek by freshening up yourself in your hotel. After some time or quailing wait, our representative will pick you up in our private van. A very delicious breakfast will be there to tempt you. The breakfast treat is by our agency.

:- After that, a scenic drive through the ring road will be there to take you to Shivapuri. It will basically take 45-minutes of car drive to reach there. Then your trek commences further by a hike towards Jamacho hill & explore ancient Jamacho Gumba (3- 4hrs). Witness many beautiful sceneries and fill your soul with butterflies. Away from the crowded place you can feel your heart resting in tranquility.

:- After you ascend and lie at the top of the mountain… It’s lunchtime!! Feast on the items provided by our company itself and enjoy the panorama as well as your delicious food. Langtang, Jugal, and other massifs like Ganesh Himal would be waving hello to you. Your struggle will pay off by those beautiful panoramic views, so in order to cherish those momentous forever, click some pictures of you posing in different ways.

:- Now trekking is going slowly on the concluding spectra. You’ll trek downhill and observe all those natural beauties that you missed. Observe those beautiful birds and flora which are on the way that’s going to relieve you a lot. After trekking about 2-3 hours you’ll reach the point where we started. Enjoy the drink provided by our guide on behalf of our agency.

:- Now bid farewell to all the natural components you saw there and enjoy the scenic drive from Jamacho Hill to your hotel. Add that hike to your experience list and enjoy your life.

What is included? What you Need?


Here are some of the awesome services that we provide so that you can give chances more in your upcoming trips. So make sure you enjoy it and you can always customize according to your needs and necessities.

 Drive from and to hiking place by our private vans.
 Entry tickets or necessary permits will be provided.
 Drinks sponsored by the agency ourselves.
 Tasty Pack lunch offer by the agency.
 A photo-shoot on the trekking spot by DSLR to save
your happiness in HD.
 Agency T-shirt and certificate of appreciation.
 A government licensed your Language speaking guide to tell you more about the place you’re observing.


 Accessories and Technical items
 Binoculars
 Camera
 Trekking sticks and a small backpack
 Books/GPS navigators
 Umbrella (if it’s too hot or if it rains)

Personal and Clothing items

 Thin T-shirts and pants
 Hiking Shoes
 Sun hat
 Sunglasses
 Sanitizers and alcohol wipes

P.S: You’ve full control of your trip. This is just the
outline day package you can customize according to
your needs and desires.

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Trip Facts

  • Tourist Car
  • 1-10
  • 2130 m.
  • Easy
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Round the Year
  • City Expertise
  • Day Hike
  • Lunch
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