Bungee Jump Trip - 1 Day



Bungee Jumping is one of the most exceptional adventure sports in Nepal. You encounter a shuddering free fall as you dive into a 160 m deep gorge from a suspension bridge higher the fast-flowing Bhote Koshi River. The Bungee jump was created by one of New Zealand’s advanced bungee consultants and is administered by some of the most sophisticated jump directors in the industry. The agency conducts safety “very, very seriously”. 

When you will be in Nepal for your vacations don’t miss Bungee Jumping in Nepal, a life-time cherishing experience in the Himalayan nation. You can attach this jump package to any of the trekking or trip packages in Nepal, as this place is only 3 hours ride from Kathmandu.



Imagine jumping off from the 160m deep gorge in the rushing water of Bhote Koshi… It might seem scary but it’s the best way to feel the full adrenaline rush inside yourself. It is a very thrilling as well as a thriving business and must-go-to place if you ever visit Nepal.

Jumping off a bridge spanning a 160-meter gorge with a fat flexible cord tied to your ankles would be the style and dried tale of unfolding bungee jumping in Nepal. Over a decade in service has unblemished safety record, and anyone who has bungee here will illuminate up with a smile, and gush about the adventure if you should question them how it was!

It’s a different and unbelievable experience, standing on the verge of that metal suspension bridge, gazing down at the river crossing through the gorge floor 525 feet below you – and then forcing yourself to believe that elastic cord tied to your leg and jumping! You must surrender to the wind, embrace that lacunae, and as you escape you sense the all too speedy breathtaking influence of gravity as you drop, and stimulate through the air at holy crap-I’ ma-gonna-die-should’ve said goodbye- now speeds.

More precisely, by the time your brain, which the immediate gravitational hastening of the bridge has caused to be left dangling on the bridge as you jumped now dives down and hooks you up, the jump is over. You will find a scanty laugh or cry breaking your lips as you approach your brain and it astonishingly informs you that you are safe and still attached and yo-yo-ing on the bungee cord. You have survived.

Embracing the bungee jump, we will accommodate you with the private van ride to the destination accompanying meals. You will first initiate from Kathmandu and ride along Araniko Highway to within 12 Kilometers of the Tibetan Border and extremely known as Friendship Bridge. Then you will enter The Last Resort, at the position on a 160 meters broad steel suspension bridge above the Bhote Koshi River. This one-day trip encompasses the bungee jump, ride from Kathmandu, and lunch.

Trip Highlights:

  • A scenic drive from Kathmandu to Bhote Koshi River.
  • Feeling the adrenaline kicks rushing in veins.
  • Feel the ultimate boost of the Bungee over the Bhote Koshi River.
  • Witness the alluring second highest bungee spot in the world.
  • Relish the awesome scenic drive to The Last Resort from our private van.
  • Tour the popular and enchanting Friendship Bridge at Nepal Tibet border.
  • Fulfill your adrenaline with the dose of adventurous desire with a Bungee jump.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.
  • And also witness the local way of living.
  • Witness the great hospitality of our agency and also promote the local economy.


Day 1
Drive to Bungee spot- Bungee- Lunch- Back to Kathmandu


There are a series of activities that you’ll follow to make your trek more fascinating and full of memories. Cherish every moment that you will spend in the vast vicinity of Sindhupalchowk district, one of the remote areas of Nepal. Explore the exquisite vicinity which is naturally rich. Here are some of the activities that well do to make this trek a grand success.

our representative will pick you up in our private van. It’ll take at least a 4 hours ride from the heart of Kathmandu. Enjoy the scenic ride from Kathmandu to Balephi, Sindhupalchowk for tracing Bhote Koshi River. The Nepal-Tibet border is also one of the fascinations. Then you’ll be provided with tickets. After waiting for your turn. All the safety equipment will be implemented on you. Tell them to check again so that you won’t be dead falling.

Now, go towards the edge of the suspension bridge and gaze the deep gorge and thundering water down. Then feel your heartbeat and jump. Let gravity do its work. It all will be very instant and feel the heartbeat and adrenaline rush creeping. You’ll be yo-yo-ing after the jump is over.

You’ll lunch in the nearby resort called The Last Resort. After lunch explore the friendly. Capture some memories so that you can cherish then forever. You will be provided an HD quality picture from your jump. Hop into your ride and enjoy the fruity drink provided by our company.

Your Bungee will conclude after lunching an awesome resort. Hope you enjoyed it a lot. And as promised you’ll be dropped in your hotel. Freshen yourself up and rest.

Cost Included

  • Picks up and drops by tourist Jeep
  • Bungee Jump
  • Blood pressure check-up
  • Picture, video, and T-Shirt
  • Delicious Lunch at Last Resort
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Trained Guide

Cost Excluded

  • Personal Daily gears
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional Activities
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Donation and Tip

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Trip Facts

  • Tourist Vehicle
  • 1-10
  • 160m. (bridge to river)
  • Moderate
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • Round the Year
  • Professional Guiding
  • Day Tour
  • Lunch
  • English